The Program


The Digital Transformation Program links with the H23 Strategic Plan to achieve the necessary digital transformation for Andorra


Strategic plan H23

The H23 Strategic Government Plan prioritizes the economic and social growth demanded by the country.
Digital transformation is a key initiative considered in the Alliance pillar for the change of the H23 Plan to improve transparency, participation, proximity, efficiency and equality.
This transformation involves the digitization of the pillars / verticals defined in the PdTDA.

Digital Transformation of the Country

The Government, together with the Secretary of State for Digital Transformation and Strategic Projects, has drawn up a holistic transformation plan that includes the most important actions to be carried out over the next few years in terms of digitalisation.


Internal and realistic projects to reach a level of digital maturity


Transfer and Return to the citizen


Technology as relationship between government and citizens


Transversal project


Agile and interconnected administration

The PdTDA, a project that is worked transversally with the entire public sector and the economic agents